Monday, September 25, 2006


Several months ago I shared a few things I was looking forward to. One of those events was the Catalyst Conference which is now only seven days away. I'm so pumped! I'm get the chance [thanks to Shane and my friends at Lakeside] to travel to Atlanta, Georgia with great group of friends. The trip itself is going to be a blast but I'm certain the conference will rock. Catalyst is a leadership conference packed full of incredible worship, top notch speakers, and a ton of fun. It's like a CIY conference for grown adults! I'll try to make daily posts while I'm there.


Mike said...

i am envious of you. I wanted to go to that and to passion this year. neither of the which worked out, hopefully passion 07 will work out for me this year.

it is important for those of us "doing" ministry on a regular basis to recharge and relearn some things we may have forgotten, it is also important for us to learn new ideas, concepts, and methods. these conferences and many others are an invaluable resource to a minister.

Sandi said...

Oh my gosh! Let's continue to PRAISE THE LORD! I am so happy for you Chad.

preacherman said...

I really want to go but its going to have to be next year for me.