Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Here's something I've been thinking about on and off today. How often am I actually silent before God? I know I talk to Him throughout the day but I'm not sure I've mastered the art of silence. This is an occassional command that pops up numerous times throughout scripture and yet I find it hard to be still and listen.

I'm reminded of Elijah's [an Old Testament prophet] experience. He found himself on the mountain of God and was told that the Lord was about to pass by and to ready himself. Wind, earthquake, and fire all made their appearances but God instead spoke to Elijah through a gentle whisper. You can read the story here.

I got to thinking how many whispers I might have missed over my lifetime simply because I failed to slow down and listen for His still, small voice.


Candie said...

I know that sometimes I go about my life....and I try to get in the word everyday and pray of course....but sometimes I allow the flesh to take over and make decisions instead of waiting on God....and then when things don't work out I get that...."Ohhhh...maybe when this or that happened before I made that decision was God speaking to me...trying to get through my thick stubborn skull and I wasn't listening." I know exactly what you mean about learning the art of listening for God's voice. We are all works in progress.

gretchenhs said...

It's funny that you say this today, because Steve and I were having a conversation with a friend of ours at lunch yesterday about how American's as a whole don't listen as well as some others. We have too much going on in our heads and we just don't "hear" things that some others do. For example, our friend has just come back from an African safari and while they were walking around the bush, she was thinking "It's hot, I'm sweaty" etc...and others were hearing a lion roar in the distance. She said she had to make herself not think so much so she could enjoy where she was.
It's the same with God I suppose, we as a group need to stop the noise in our heads and listen to what he has to say.

Sandi said...

Thanks for the reminder Chad. Well said Candie - yes we are all WIP!