Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Spring Mourning

During the month of September, we've been sharing Rob Bell's Nooma video each week. This coming Sunday he will share about Matthew, a friend is his who was tragically killed in car wreck. Rob talks about the process of grief and the role that Christ plays. It's powerful stuff and I can't wait to share it with our people.

But I have to say that the subject matter has forced me to look back over the past seven months of my life and remember my own journey through grief. The pain is not as intense. The tears few and far between. Oh I miss my wife but God has been so faithful to heal my broken heart. Though it has honestly felt more like seven years then seven months, I feel very healthy and I'm grateful for the work He has done.

Tonight, as the rain pours and summer turns to fall, I find myself grateful that my loss happened in February. I say that because I was fortunate to have the bulk of my healing take place during the spring of the year - a time that is full of new birth and growth. A season that is green and oh so alive. I know it sounds crazy but I'm just glad that I didn't have to deal with my loss during the doldrums of winter. I was reminded tonight of what a blessing that has been.

May you always remember that the Bible does not promise the absence of grief – only the presence of God. Without it I would be truly lost.


steve-o said...

You're a good man, Chad.

God is great.

Jen said...

I'm glad too that your grieving time was in the spring.
God had his hand in it all and still does!

Anonymous said...

Iam right there with you Chad, even though its been five years since Stacey was taken. It does get better with time, even though there are still moments. God is with us through the good and the bad always.We are never leaft alone. Thank God!
Your brother in Christ