Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Okay. I admit. I have a problem with deleting emails from my inbox. Yahoo says I have 371 messages that have been read and are just sitting in my account. Here's my problem and I probably need another counseling appointment. I have this phobia that I'm going to delete something that I will one day need for a sermon illustration. My full intention is that I will someday go through my inbox and print out the articles/emails and file them in my ever growing filing system. The problem comes in that I can't find the time and every day it grows larger and larger. I barely have enough time to read and respond to my email, let alone clean it out.

I almost hit the delete button tonight and wiped out the whole kit and caboodle but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Please tell me that I'm not alone.


Sheila said...

Your not alone. As long as I leave them in my Outlook file and least I don't have a piling system to contend with. You're fine, you're NoRmAl. :)

I serve I Am said...

I try to keep 20 or less in my inbox. With Yahoo mail you can set up folders, so any email that i want to save I transfer to another folder. I have folders for ministry stuff that are mainly illustrations, and for personal stuff and a couple of other folders. i don't know how many I have stored away in the folders but they never bother me because I don't see them unless I go to those folders.

Anonymous said...

Take baby steps....print a couple at a time, delete a couple at a time. Then, set aside a folder that says emails/illustrations and file them away when you print them out. That is what I have done and it has really worked well for me. Good Luck!

Sandi said...


Since I'm not an expert on computers, can you copy your whole email file to a disc? and then delete them, of course, AFTER you check your disc. to make sure they are there. ha

Candie said...

I have folders....and I rarely get rid of anything when it comes to work. So your not alone...just set up two that says keepers...and one that says Need to go through....this way you can clean your inbox really quick if you send everything to the "need to go through" folder....and when you have time ACTUALLY GO THROUGH IT...(LOL) and switch the good stuff to your keepers folder. Its a file system that works for me. Happy emailing!

Jen said...

C'Mon, Chad, Delete 'em!!!
Have you used any of the 317 messages sitting in your inbox over the past year?
If the answer is no, then you'll never use them.

scott d said...

I tend to agree with Jen here a little bit. 371 items in your inbox is similar to my dad's 4 car garage that he can't fit a single car in because of all the stuff that "someday might be useful" to him. Devote a couple hours sometime to clean out your garage... err... I mean inbox.

We've never met, Chad, but I've been reading for awhile. I'm a Cincinnati guy that started reading off and on via Burgess. It's been fun to read your insights and hear about your daughter. Keep it up, man.