Friday, October 13, 2006


Rarely do I ever get up at 6am on my day off. Almost never do I do ministry related work on "Daddy Day". But I'm devoting a couple hours this morning to catching up on my sermon. I'm way behind and have a busy weekend planned.

Please pray for the following:
  • That God will get His message about wisdom through me this weekend.
  • That God will do a miracle in my friend Ricky's life. He has battled alcoholism most of his life and is about to lose his family, his house, and at times I'm concerned he might lose his life. Please pray that God picks him up from this miry pit that he is in and places his feet on solid ground. Pray that God grants him divine wisdom to make good decisions for he and his family.

I'm off to finish a sermon. See you Sunday!

1 comment:

Sandi said...

Chad, please direct his wife and children to ALANON/ALATOT/ALATEEN.
You certainly may give my name and telephone number and email addy to his wife. I've been to the Alanon program, and very proud to say it.

Ricky will be in my prayers.