Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bowtie Theology

Emrie and I got our pictures taken this afternoon for the church directory. That was quite the event. I was certain she was going to mess her hair up or stain her shirt before we could get our pictures taken.

But it was funny. I took off early to get us both ready and as I was ironing our shirts she asks, "Daddy, where is your bowtie?"

I proceeded to tell her that daddy didn't own a bowtie [I left out the part that I will never own one] but then she proceeds to tell me, "The Bible says boys have to wear bowties to be handsome." What is Lonnie teaching these kids:)

Tell me that's not a classic!


Jeni said...

How funny!!I can hear Emrie saying that! She is so cute!


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. You really need to write down all sweet little innocent clever things she comes up with. I am sure you smiled and laughed and so it served it purpose to make us "big people" realize we take life way too seriously sometimes. Tell Emrie Ms. Heather thinks she is beautiful no matter what she is wearing!

kelly carmichael said...

Chad you might want to give it a try? Couldn't hurt. Sounds to me like she's tryin to tell you something.

Sandi said...

So funny! Did she quote which chapter and verse. When you find out from Lonnie, please let us know.

Mike said...

If you remember, Dr. Dowd always looked rather hadsome in his bow tie. hahaha