Sunday, October 22, 2006

Expensive Taste

Friday I took Emrie to CVS, led her to the lip gloss section, and told her she could have her choice. Wouldn't you know you chose the most expensive bottle on the wall. Oh was worth it. We're Nuk free!

I had to smile though. As Em was trying to make up her mind, my eye caught a product from Lip Smakers that Amy would have died for. It was a tube of Dr. Pepper chap stick! Let me just tell you. My wife loved chap stick and her favorite drink, by far, was Dr. Pepper [we even named one of our stray cats Dr. Pepper].

Thanks mom for the lip gloss idea!


Sandi said...

I know she will enjoy the lip gloss. expensive taste, huh! ha

Sounds like that dr pepper chap stick put a smile on your face.

Thanks for the update. Look forward to them.

Jen said...

I remember your cat DP!
Gracie's favorite thing is makeup, especially for her lips.
It's a girl thing!