Thursday, October 19, 2006


As Emrie and I were preparing to watch a wholesome video before she went to bed I stopped a moment to watch the channel 9 news out of Cincy. They were doing a special segment on political signs. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for this silly election to be over. But anyway, they were doing this segment on a company in northern Kentucky that does "bag" signs on a national level. Well, they start the segment out with the chorus of a Tesla song called "Signs". In a matter of five seconds here was my thought progression.

Sweet song...great choice...uh oh this song has a cuss word...surely they will edit it...oh my, they didn't...did I just hear what I thought I heard?

Yes folks, channel 9 thought it appropriate to drop the F bomb on prime time tv. Are you kidding me?!


Evan said...

Yikes, I remember that song. I can't believe they didn't edit that word out.


Sheila said...

Bad choice for Channel 9, But this is not a silly election. It's a chance for you as an American, who still has rights in place, thanks to our troops, to go to the polls and make decisions for our future.
I think what's silly is all of the hype the media lends to almost every event.
- Sheila

gretchenhs said...

I think I'd be writing a letter to the TV station. I don't want my child hearing that language! Ugh!

Daniel said...

I guess they played the album version instead of the radion 'single' version (where it says 'blockin' up the scenery.' :-)

I guess I'd be upset too if my kids were watching with me or just because they were too lazy to listen to the thing beforehand.

steve-o said...

I am so uneducated. I thought I knew everything about 90's wussie rock and was totally unaware that Tesla had anything BUT the edited version.

Which leads me to believe, Chad, that you had the actual Tesla album. Did you keep it next to your New Edition CDs?