Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Brewing Addiction

I've always had liking for the aroma and taste of coffee. Even as a kid I remember getting coffee flavored ice cream. But I never wanted to be in a position where I had to have it. I never wanted to be addicted, however, I have found myself enjoying more and more cups of mocha lately.

It's a developing tradition at accountability group with the boys that I down at least two cups at Jerry's. And the other day I got a free small coffee game piece from the McDonald's monopoly game and I have to say I was quite excited. And then this morning, I did something that I rarely do. I brewed a cup at home to sip during my quiet time with the Lord. It was good. Sweet. Creamy. Caffeinated. Hot.

In fact, I heard tomorrow morning is going to be below freezing. I think I might make it two days in a row. Do I smell an addiction brewing?


Candie said...

HALT...step away from the caffine! - LOL
Seriously, I see nothing wrong with a cup of coffee in the morning w/ breakfast and a cup of decaf at night with your dessert. problem is I find I'm a Pop junky during the day. Thats right...I've said it....I'm a mountain dew addict.
Oh boy...I've admitted I gotta do something about it....grrrrrrrr - thanks Chad! hehehehehe

Jenny Hyatt said...

You are just in a routine and the coffee is a comfort on these cold weather days... let me tell you about addiction. My mom HAS to have her coffee everyday. I don't mean just a couple of cups; we are talking at least two pots and sometimes more. Her mug holds 32 oz. and she has a 64 oz. pot/mug that she uses time to time. I mean this is the picture of true addiction.


Lonnie Love said...

I started drinking coffee a few months ago. I wouldn’t say I am addicted to it yet, it all started for me few months ago. I remember seeing big Kevin B. drinking coffee at camp during the summer and thought how cool he looked, so I tried and I liked it. Then I came to find out that you can get flavored creamers like chocolate for your coffee. I even went out and purchase a new coffee pot that can make 12 cups at a time...WOWZERS!!!

Jen said...

I love my coffee too. I'm spoiled though, I have to drink it with flavored creamer. My friend Amy Flora and I love to get together with new creamers and talk over hot cups of joe!