Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oh What A Night!

Had a great day...until about 6:45pm. It was my night to open the gym and share the devotion at church. The festivities began when I couldn't find a stinkin' regulation basketball. We had 42 girls balls but only one men's ball...and it was flat! I turned the building upside down looking for either a usable game ball or a needle to pump up the flat ball. After sending one of the guys out to his truck in search of a needle, we finally found one only to realize the ball had a massive air leak. We played with a girls ball all night!

On top of that, the Dell computer technician came to the church [he obviously works late] for the second time to attempt to fix the main office computer [for the second time]. Not only did he stop our basketball game twice, he informed me that the problem was worse than we anticipated. My hard drive was shot - most likely resulting in a ton of lost files [we aren't faithful backer upers].

And as if that wasn't enough, I was unable to find a Time Magazine article I wanted to read to the guys [must read article on Steve Nash -read here]. I just filed it two weeks ago but was unable to retrieve it when it counted.

In spite of all the diversions I still had fun. I became used to the girls ball, the Dell technician provided needed breathers as I was gasping for air most of the night, and God provided a great message even without the article.

God is still good even when the little things fall apart.


Evan said...

Thanks for the link to the Steve Nash article. That was really good stuff.

You handled your setbacks really well. If I lost my hard-drive...well...I'd hate to hear the words that might come out of my mouth :).

gretchenhs said...

I had no idea there was a difference in basketballs!

Chad - You should always back up and always have virus protection if you are on the internet. Those are CARDINAL rules for playing on a computer! Let me know if I can help!