Friday, November 17, 2006

Butterball Generosity

Paul Harvey has a Thanksgiving story that I wanted to work into Sunday's message but it didn't seem to fit. Thought I might share it here.

He says that back in 1996 the Butterball Turkey Company had set up a hotline so that people could call about how to prepare their turkey for Thanksgiving. A lady called and said, "I have had a turkey in the freezer for 23 years and I was wondering if it was safe to eat."

The Butterball woman [can you imagine being known as the Butterball Woman?] said, "Let me see if I understand your question - you are asking if it is safe to eat the turkey that has been frozen all those years?"

"Yes," the caller replied, "that is what I'm asking."

"Well then, the answer is this. If it has been frozen for all that time it might be safe but I have to be honest with you and warn you that the taste would have definitely deteriorated by now so I wouldn't recommend that you cook it and eat it."

Here is the woman's classic response. "Yeah, that is what I thought too. I'll just give it to the church."


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You should have used it in last weeks sermon on giving. It would have fit perfectly. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.