Monday, November 06, 2006

Granny Hyatt

We've got a long time member at Antioch who is now 98 years old. We call her Granny Hyatt and up until the last couple of years, lived by herself. When I would visit, not only would she talk circles around me [probably because she kept her house at 100 degrees and I fought to stay awake], she would also insist that I eat a piece of pie. She was such a pleasant woman of God and so full of life.

Last night her family was called into the nursing home as the physicians thought she might not make it through the night. Knowing that, I paid her a visit this morning. It was so sad. She sleeps most of the day and when she is awake she doesn't make much sense.

Today's experience reminded me how much I despise nursing homes. Don't get me wrong, they are much needed. But the sights, the sounds, the smells of a nursing home just break my heart every time. My hat goes off to the men and women who have that gift to work with the elderly. Thank you for taking care of the "Grannys" of this world.


Anonymous said...

With the entire "Blog World" as my witness, if I ever end up in a nursing home, please, please....don't come to visit me. That's not how I want you to remember me. If I go to one, most likely it will be because my mind has left the premises and I won't know who comes and goes any way! So just leave me with a library of books or if I can't see how about a set of audio books. Mom

Sandi said...

I agree Chad, it takes a very special person to be able to care for our loved ones who can no longer care for themselves. Thank you Lord for caregivers.

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear about Granny Hyatt. She was a real blessing to your Mom and I evertime we went to her house to take communion. She certainly had a sharp mind up until a few years ago.

I too admire those who work in those nursing homes. Did you know your Mom used to work in a nursing home during her younger days?

I'm glad you paid Granny Hyatt a visit. Thanks for all the work you do for our Lord. I'm so proud of you.


gretchenhs said...

Sweet Granny Hyatt.
I agree with you on the homes, my "like-a" grandma passed away last week, she was 93 and had been in a home for about 5 years. She mostly didn't know us anymore, and it's so hard to watch these once spunky little people so lost in themselves.
My prayers are with Ms. Hyatt.