Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What Did I Just Do?

I can't believe what just happened! I must be sick or something. I just turned down a ticket to the Notre Dame game next Saturday. A friend called this afternoon with tickets for next week's game versus Army, the final home game for Brady Quinn and all our seniors.

Why did I turn them down? Because I made a commitment to participate in the annual donkey basketball game at the high school. I know it sounds lame but I've been on the receiving end of quite a few broken promises. People tell you they'll be there and that you can count on them and then they pull out, leaving you to scramble to fill their place.

Believe me, every bone in my body (other then my tail bone that had little desire to make the six hour drive to South Bend, IN) said, "Tell them you can't come. They'll understand." But my conscience wouldn't allow it.

Maybe it's no big deal. After all, it's just donkey basketball (and I heard I have to sign a waiver) but then again, my word is my word.


Anonymous said...

Man....turning down Notre Dame tickets to ride a donkey. I got a million lil phrases running through my head right now but I better keep this one clean. So I'll just ask you this....Who's gonna be riding who in this basketball game?

kelly carmichael said...

Good choice. I'd go with donkey basketball over Notre Dame tickets as well:) (That was mainly aimed at Poppa Doerr)

I'm afraid to ask...but what is donkey basketball?

Anonymous said...

You are truly a man of your word and I have always admired that in you......but did you ask your Mom about riding this donkey? Are we talking a REAL live donkey? Do you have disability insurance to cover such nonsense?????

Evan said...

Donkey basketball? They still do that?

Notre Dame football? They still do that too?

preacherman said...

You my firend are a saint to turn down Fighting Irish tickets.

Sandi said...

OUCH! Gear up, and have fun. hahaha! I bet anonymous was my little brother! haha

Sheila said...

You kept a COMMITMENT! If we all were that way, WOW!
I've been to a donkey ball game take a clothes pin, gets kinda smelly!