Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lexus Heaven

During a routine hospital call in Lexington today, I accidentally passed through the physician’s parking lot. I kind of sensed I was not longer in Falmouth when I passed the third Lexus in a row:)

This 60 second jaunt got me to thinking. I thought I'd share some of my random thoughts:
  • Were any of these rides paid for in cash? (Dave Ramsey made me say it!)
  • Are any of these vehicles paid off?
  • Is there incredible pressure to drive a nice car and live in a fabulous home when you make that kind of money?
  • Out of the forty or fifty cars in that particular lot, only two struck me as not falling into the “luxury” vehicle category. One was a Honda Prelude and the other was a Ford pick up truck - both from the early 90’s. I couldn't help but wonder if these physicians had chosen the simple life?


Lonnie Love said...

I must disagree, I believe my 1996 Buick with the back window not going all the way up; and covered with duct tape, one of the Pairs /Bourbon County Library’s audio tapes stuck in my tape deck with some old beef jerky wrappers on the floor board a “luxury” car category… You see, beef jerky wrappers and old yahoo bottles are a lot better then the pesky ole “new car smell”.

Evan said...

Antioch needs to pay you more.

Anonymous said...

No, the older two vehicles probably belonged to the "residents" They are the young docs doing all the work 24/7 and still paying on all their student loans!

Anonymous said...

the duct tape is rotted, the window leaks....just keep the yahoo bottles in the car and the beef jerky wrappers..don't be throwing them out the window..state polce could be near by..AGAIN! OK LONNIE!

Kendra said...

My thought when you mention the two vehicles that the owners could be living the simple life:
"Their lexus is in the shop"