Monday, November 13, 2006


The government delivered a God blessing today. I find it interesting that it comes on the heels of yesterday's sermon.

The Social Security Administration sent me a letter stating that they had miscalculated Emrie's monthly check she receives as a death benefit and that they would be sending a $645 check for back pay. It will arrive on or around Christmas! Hmmm.

Not only that, her monthly check went up 7%. Hmmm.

Yet another example of how God has blessed my family. Tell me God is not good!

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Evan said...


Just another example of how God "throws open the floodgates" (see Malachi 3:10) to someone who gives generously.

I mean, this is obviously God at work. When was the last time any of us actually RECEIVED money from the government!?!

And yes, I will use this as an illustration VERY SOON!!!