Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Dream From The Lord

This morning I had the chance to talk to the men about being better husbands. I don't know if they liked the subject matter but I sure did.

I have to share a moving conversation I had with repentant husband today. I had seen this particular individucal walk through the doors last week with his wife and son and I have to admit my jaw hit the floor. I had both his sons in my youth ministry but in my eight years at Antioch I had never seen this man walk through the doors. He surprised me again when he came back to our mid week Bible study on Wednesday. I knew something serious was taking place. Well, this morning he returned - by himself - and we got the chance to talk between services. He shared that he had recently been given a dream that he felt was from God (as I type that I'm reminded of this post). From what I can remember of the dream it went something like this: he was in a car, things began to get very black and then he said the car sped up to like 100mph. He said, "Chad, when I woke up, I had never been so scared in all my life." He said, "I knew it was the Holy Spirit."

From what I know of this guy's story, he had come to Christ years ago but somewhere along the line he had pulled away. A great guy, he had not been the spiritual leader his wife and two sons had needed him to be. This dream has brought him back to Christ with a renewed focus!

As I talked with him this morning I could see the conviction in his eyes. He had experienced the wake up call from God. It's cool to see the various means by which God calls people back home. I'm hoping this experience will leave a lasting impact on his life.

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Sandi said...

Praise the Lord. This young man will experience the love from Antiochiers who will pour love and prayers on him.