Wednesday, February 28, 2007


With the topic of this week's message my thoughts have been upon grandparenting. I never had the opportunity to really know my grandparents but to be honest with you I never really knew what I was missing until recently. Seeing my daughter interact with both my parents and Amy's has been such a joy. To see the happiness they bring to her life and to know what an influence they are makes me realize what I missed.

Mamaw and PaPaw - remember that just because you're an AARP member doesn't mean that you cease to make a significant impact for future generations. Keep loving the Lord and pouring Jesus into your grandkids. You make a world of difference.


violet said...

Sometimes Grandparents have a better impact on the grandchildren then the parents..But I've always said "It takes a village too raise a child"...

Sandi said...

Yes Chad, you really did miss out on Grandma's love and sense of humor; hugs. It is most unfortunate because she loved with great intensity her grandchildren. At our family get-togethers ALL the grandkids were so busy outside playing football or riding the horses, while grandma was inside cooking....I know how much she loved and missed them all. Especially when some of them lived out of the state.

When I figure out how to copy VCR to DVD I will send you a copy of the fun times at grandma's and hopefully you will be able to "recall some of those days". Aunt Sandi.