Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Let Me Explain

After making my last post I feel the need to explain. For those that wonder if I've become a professional conference attendee, there is good reason why the month of February has me at back to back retreats. Back in the summer I signed up for C3 with three of my college friends who are in the ministry. At the same time I put my name in the hat for the Bob Russell mentoring retreat, not sure when or if I would attend. They were only selecting a few and the dates were to be determined. After the details for the Dallas trip were secured I received the confirmation email for the Russell retreat:)

But...after spending the last two weeks at conferences, I'm wondering if I could do this for a living.

Just kidding:)


Sandi said...

How dare you take care of your spiritual needs. Glad to see you spending time with the Lord and HIS teachings.

Jen said...

Enjoy your time there. While ya'll have the facilities, work Cris into shape!