Thursday, February 22, 2007

Richland Hills

Last night we attended Richland Hills Church of Christ, the largest non-instrumental church in America. We have followed their preacher, Rick Atchley, for years and couldn't miss the opportunity to visit while being so close.

We were blown away by our visit. It's a large congregation (4,000-5,000) and yet their friendliness made it feel small. We had eight or ten people introduce themselves to us and ask if we were visiting. That is unheard of in most of our churches, let alone a mega-church! Even Rick came down after his message and introduced himself (I took a great pic but can't upload it until I get home).

The message on Solomonwas a word from the Lord and the song service, though much different than I'm used to, was incredible. The Spirit of the Lord was definitely at work in that body.

If you're ever in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area, stop by Richland Hills. You'll be glad you did.

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Chad's mom said...

I appreciated the blogs on Dallas, and found the visit to the noninstrumental church and it's friendly people interesting. Having attended an noninstrumental church locally once found it to be exactly that way too.

I don't want to get on any tangent about who is right or wrong about the instruments in the church thing, but I do find sometimes our brotherhood of instrumental Christian Churches have SO MANY INSTRUMENTS that it has become a major production! I am all for special events, etc. but I sometimes wonder if all the time and effort we put forth in "preparing to worship" is really about "preparing to entertain and hold the crowds short attention spans"?? When worship becomes a "production" is still truly worship? I can hear the wheels turning right now of all worship leaders across Blog America, and believe me I enjoy and believe we worship with a worship leader up front and center, I am just thinking that sometimes it's just all too much.