Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gators Win...Again!

A couple of thoughts on last night's National Championship game.
  • Though I was pulling hard for Ohio State (I always pull for the Big Ten) I kind of figured the championship experience of Florida would prevail...and it did.
  • I thought it was absolutely crazy that the same two schools were playing last night for the collegiate basketball championship who were playing in January for the collegiate football title. Has that ever happened before?!
  • I know there is a bunch of talk about whether or not Billy D will come to Kentucky. Sounds like a great hire to me. What he has done, to have back to back national titles, at a "non-basketball" school like Florida, has been phenomenal. He took a school that's never had a big time basketball program and has done what only a handful of teams have been able to do - win back to back. If he'll come to Kentucky I think it would be a great hire. But then again, I'm an Indiana fan and could care less:)
  • Get'em next year Buckeyes!


Evan said...

Some of the Billy Donovan stuff floating out there is outrageous. However, I for one hope he is the guy.

Anonymous said...

You know whats funny. Kentucky Basketball outreigns even the Final Four when they aren't even playing in it. Indiana should be so lucky that they are located next to the greatest state of basketball.

As far as Donovan, I hope he comes because he will always be third fiddle down at Florida even with 2 Championships. He's third behind football and spring football. He knows he will be king here and the money will be better than whatever Florida throws at him. I do think its his dream job but the big concern is his family. Most of his family is there. Man...why do families always have to get in the way???

Keith said...

Until this post, I had forgotten they still play basketball at IU. :)