Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Search

I'm currently in conversation with three different churches in the greater Louisville area about the possibility of partnering with them in ministry. It's amazing how uniquely each church approaches the search process. Some allow their staff to conduct the search. Others formulate a search team; a cross section of the congregation who pour over resumes and conduct interviews. Some churches are aggressive while others are more laid back in their approach.

It's been an interesting experience to say the least. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Louisville as I had two separate meetings with two different churches. Both went well and I'm excited to see what God will do. I'm just trying to keep my ears peeled to heaven.

I have to say, I was blessed last night to worship with the Spencer Christian Church. Wow! The Spirit of God seems to be so "at home" there. From church leaders to church members it was so evident to me that they loved the Lord with a genuine passion. And it was so cool, they had a teenager on their search team! How many churches would even think about involving that age group? And how many teens would be mature enough to accept?

I'm not sure where God is taking me and what I'll be doing in this next chapter of my life but I'm just holding on for the ride. I know God has a plan. But I have to say, it will nice to finally come in for a landing and settle down with a new church, in a new community...with my new family.


drmacab97 said...

Hey, I think I missed it but did you propose? I think it's great that God is continuing to bless you and Emrie's lives. I've only been reading your blog for a few months but Lara & I have both read past and present blogs and are just proud of you and the heart God has given you. We've shed a few tears while reading past blogs but now share in your excitement at the new life ahead. We both predicted this change and are glad God is continuing to lead you in His will. :) God bless...keep blogging! Mary Bondurant

Evan said...

Rick Pitino just lost a top assistant coach. Have you talked with him?

gretchenhs said...

Chad - Let us know where you end up. Steve and I are in Louisville a LOT these days and I'd love to see you and Emrie again.