Monday, May 21, 2007

Emrie Time

Today as I strolled through Walmart with my daughter I realized how blessed I have been the last few weeks to have so much time with her. This time between jobs has provided some much needed quality time with her. She is truly a joy to be around and I see her maturing every day. I'm confident that my prayers are being answered.


Sadly Reminiscing Keith said...

Enjoy every minute of it now because she will be a grown up young lady before you know it.

I told Jana the other day, what I wouldn't pay for one more time for either of them to just let me hold them in my lap and rock them to they sleep.

Kristen laying her head on my chest and Jonah cuddled up next to me.

a friend from antioch mills said...

Greenville folks, take good care of our Emrie. She is a very special little girl. Best wishes to your church. You are getting an outstanding minister!