Sunday, May 27, 2007

We're In!

It's official. I'm now the Senior Pastor of the Greenville Christian Church and my family and I couldn't be happier! Words alone cannot convey how incredible this ride has been. It started months ago when I sensed in my spirit that my season at Antioch was coming to an end. I didn't know where I was going, I just knew that it was best for all parties that I find another ministry. It was the hardest decision I've ever had to make yet through it all God has shown Himself to be loving and faithful.

And as I reflect back on the last few months I feel the blessing has come twofold. First of all, I've been in awe to watch God call Evan Meyer, a preacher and great friend, to Antioch. Not a human one could have orchestrated a transition as smooth as the one I witnessed upon my departure. And I know God is blessing his work and my people are loving on he and his family.

But the blessing I'm reminded of today is how God has brought Jennifer and I into partnership with the Greenville Christian Church. We have quickly fallen in love with this church and look forward to years of ministry together. Maybe tomorrow I'll share the many things I love about this church and the things that set her apart. It's special and I consider myself blessed to be chosen of God to be their pastor.


Anonymous said...

Chad, Jennifer and family,
We are thrilled that you are 'in'. We are looking forward to all that God will accomplish at GCC, and are excited that you and your family are a part of His plan.

Mickey and Lynn

Jen said...

Way to go!! We look forward to reading blogs about GCC and floyd county! I also know you will suck more people into this blog world from your new area. you seem to be very contagious with this blog stuff!! I LOVE IT! And we love YOU!!!

Chad's dad said...


I can't tell you how proud I was when we heard the applause from the congregation as we were anxiously awaiting the outcome of the vote, and as the applause continued when you and Jennifer and the kids entered the sanctuary and walked up to the stage and the applause kept up, it was just a confirmation to me that the Lord had put you right where he wanted you to be.

The sweet lady who motioned for your mom and I to come sit right next to her as the applause kept it up, was just gleaming with excitement when she leaned over to me and said it was UNANIMOUS! Just one more confirmation to me that the Lord continues to work in you.

It was a bitter-sweet moment because the reality set in that you were no longer the Pastor at Antioch Mills Christian Church, a place that your mom and I have grown to love and continue to love; yet, a sweet moment as I looked around the congregation and saw a loving congregation that was eager to welcome you and your family with open arms and excited that you were going to be their new Senior Minister, the person to take them and the Lord's church to the next level. Congratulations, and may you continue to be blessed at Greenville Christian Church as you were at Antioch Mills Christian Church. Isn't it amazing how easy it is to love when we are a part of the Kingdom of God? I found that to be true as well at Lakeside Christian Church.



gretchenhs said...

Congratulations Chad and family!
Steve and I really enjoyed coming up and being a part of your special day. Your new church family was so kind and friendly, we know you will be blessed there. We hope to come visit more and get to know your new family.
Tell Emrie that her sweet hug meant a lot to me too!

Love you all.
Gretchen and Steve

aunt Sandi said...

Oh BOO HOO, (HAPPY BOO HOO'S) I'm so happy to see how the Lord has, and is still working Chad. Sounds like yesterday was an awesome day for you and your family. Congratulations Chad and Jennifer AND GCC!

Anonymous said...

Though you will be missed greatly..
We are thrilled that GCC has voted you in. They know a good thing when they see and here it !

God bless you in this new "season" of your life.

Glenda Northcutt and Family