Monday, May 28, 2007

Things I Love About GCC

I thought I might share a few of the things about GCC that Jennifer and I have fallen in love with:
  • Their search team - I don't know who was responsible for assembling this team but from the very beginning it was obvious that they were spirit filled and loved their church. I had talked with numerous search teams but this one stood apart. With every conversation I felt this drawing to a church, that at the time, I had never visited. Thank you Bob, Denise, Jenny, Mickey & Tony!
  • Their friendliness - We knew the search team was friendly but it was upon our first visit to GCC that we realized they were only a reflection of the church as a whole. Thank you to each and everyone (there were many, many, many!) who came up and introduced themselves and welcomed us with genuine words, smiles, hugs and handshakes. The people at Greenville truly exemplified the love that the body of Christ is supposed to be about. We never once felt like outsiders. We had a deep sense in our spirits that we were family almost immediately.
  • Their elders - I'm looking forward to getting to know these men on a deeper level but from what I know of them, I admire their love for the Lord.
  • Their youth ministry - Our kids love it! It didn't take very long for our children to befriend a few kids and then they were asking when we were going back to Greenville.
  • Their young adult community - Don't get me wrong. There's a good generational mix but I have sensed a strong group of young families. Falling into that category (I think) Jennifer and I are excited to make a lot of new friends in the months to come.
  • Their senior adults - Jennifer and I were impressed with their vibrancy and enthusiasm toward both the church and the idea of welcoming in a young pastor and his family. We have sensed as a whole they are young at heart and have a slew of energy to give to the work of the kingdom.
  • Their volunteers - I am flat out in awe that with no "paid" youth staff that their children & student ministries are flourishing and running over with excited volunteers. That says a lot about both the staff they once had and the willingness of the people to serve the body. Keep it up!
  • Their worship - It's contemporary, energetic, enthusiastic and most of all, Spirit filled.
  • Their worship leader - I had heard good things about Barry Smith before arriving and I now, after getting to know him and worshiping with him on several occasions, I realize he's the real deal. I can't wait to work with him!
  • Their vision for the future - The church has purchased thirty plus acres outside of town and have plans to relocate in the years to come. They're thinking big and I love that!
  • Their location - The community of Greenville is still somewhat rural but is close enough to New Albany and Louisville to have the many luxuries of city life. I can't wait to sell our homes and relocate.


gretchenhs said...

AMEN Chad -

Steve and I couldn't believe how friendly and inviting everyone was when we came to visit. I'm very excited for you all!

Gretchen & Steve.

p.s. Have you visited the Pro Bass shop yet in Clarksville? Take the whole family, you won't regret it!

Candie said...

I'm so happy for you!
I have to point out one thing that I loved hearing and heard MANY times when you described GCC....SPIRIT FILLED! You can NOT go wrong with that!

I wish both you and Jen the best!

Rebecca Jo said...

Hopefully you will see more and more that you love about our church. We are so thrilled to have your family with us. Your parents were just the best as well. I was able to talk with your mom for a bit and to see the pride written all over her face - it was wonderful! Now, just to get those houses sold!

PS - if you need a tour of Bass Pro Shop, Ricky & Jack practically LIVE there!!!

Anonymous said...

Boy that makes me miss g-ville
Chad, you had the privledge of seeing your former church invite a godly young friend to pastor them. I too get to share that experience.
It does my heart well to know GCC has Chad, and that Chad has GCC. May you both be blessed by God in your experience together.