Saturday, June 09, 2007


The day is finally here. Jennifer and I are getting married this afternoon and I'm so excited. Last night I felt as if I was in college again. Me and a few of my closest friends hit the go-cart track (where we laughed our heads off as we spun one another out) and hung out at Starbucks (throwing around tons of theological questions and very few answers). My thanks to the wives for allowing my friends to hang with the boys:)

As I work through the last few items on my "wedding" to do list, I find myself so grateful. Grateful that God has answered my prayer and allowed me to fall in love again. Grateful for your prayers. Grateful for my close-knit family and fabulous friends. Grateful for my beautiful daughter who has been so resilient these last couple of years. Grateful for sunshine on June 9th. Grateful to be a recipient of God's grace.

Well, I gotta go. I have a few things to do before the 3pm wedding. I'm so excited I can hardly concentrate!

Side note: If you are wondering why you didn't get an invite - don't worry - the majority didn't. We had two options; go VERY big or VERY small. We opted to go very small and have the wedding in the backyard. Thanks for understanding. I'll post pictures asap:)


jesse said...

Chad- Congrats on your day! I pray that you and your new bride will be blessed with peace and love today. You deserve every happiness!!!! Good luck!
Jesse from KCC

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your lovely Jennifer. I introduced myself to you guys the Sunday you were voted "in". I mentioned that Jerry and I were celebrating our 22nd anniversary June 8th. (I'm also the person who used to attend my version of Antioch Christian Church, too). We thought about you guys as we had dinner out last night. We discussed how truly blessed we were to have found each other, and how you two are equally blessed. We look forward to getting to know your family in the future at GCC. Enjoy this day of new beginnings for you and Jennifer.
Peace be with you,
Lois Eberle
Greenville IN

Evan said...

Theological questions my foot...we all know you guys were talking sports.

Keith hoping God is wearing a white tshirt with a Big Blue K said...

Evan, I think they were debating whether God is an Big Blue fan or a Hoosier fan.