Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wedding Pics

Me & my beautiful bride

My new family

The boys

The girls

We had a blast!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful wife and family. You are truly blessed. We cannot wait for your family to join us at GCC and get to know you all a little better.

What a beautiful setting and perfect weather for a truly blessed day. Enjoy these next few weeks spending quality time with your family.

Love in Christ,
Kelly Groves (GCC)

Rebecca Jo said...

That is wonderful! Everyone looks fantastic with such joyous smiles on those faces. I thought of you all on Saturday when I noticed the weather was competely perfect! A little wedding gift from God! Prayers for a lifetime of happiness and blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Chad I am very excited for you and your new family.

It was great to see pics of soe of the guys I know a well.

Junior Waterbury said...


Junior Waterbury said...


I love the garb you and the boys are wearing!!!!

Daniel said...

Many congratulations!!!!!

Keith said...

Glad to hear God blessed the Big Day and I know he will be blessing your marriage.

gretchenhs said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looked beautiful and I hope to get to know your family better in the future.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the rest of the Antioch Members agree that it is sure wonderful to see your radiant smile reach your eyes again ! We know that you are happy! That means a lot to all of us :)

Your wedding looked beautiful! Jennifer made a beautiful bride! You make a great family!

We know that God will bless you in this new marriage and in this new love with this wonderful blended family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessed Be ! May God just pour blessing after blessing on you and yours!!!!!!!

Glenda Northcutt and Family

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. You all look great, and I can tell that you were having a blast!

I am looking forard to you all being at GCC with us soon!


violet said...

The pictures are just beautifull...It is so great to see you smile, We know you will be very happy,all six of you :)...God Bless and what a beautifull family...


Lonnie said...

Hey Bro..
Congrats to you and your family....
and the new church.. Evan is doing ok.. He still hasn't figured out where I "disapear" to for an hour with a book in my hand..

Sandi said...

Thanks for posting pics so quickly. Congratulations to you and Jennifer Chad. You have a beautiful family. Love, aunt Sandi

Violet said...

Chad don't tell Evan where Lonnie goes, let him figure it out..:)