Monday, June 25, 2007

The Little Things

Every day I drive to work I travel a stretch of I-64 that runs parallel to the Ohio River. I can't tell you what an exhilarating feeling it is to take in that view every morning. I know it sounds crazy but when I'm near a body of water it is a very spiritual experience for me.

Thank you God for the little things.


aunt Sandi said...

Amen, and wait until you and your family see the fireworks off the bridge on the 4th of July! Just awesome. When we lived there, the fireworks off the bridge were the best we had ever seen.

I have the same feeling when it comes to water.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pastor Chad,
Glad you enjoy your morning commute to GCC via I-64 west. Remember.... as of July 5th that stretch will be closed (24/7) both East and West for a month. Jerry and I will join you in trying to find alternate routes to work and home!!!

Peace be with you,
Lois Eberle

Lonnie said...

I love going pass the McDonald's.. it always brings a smile to my face in the morning..

Mara said...

Come on Lonnie. Do you really drive PAST the McDonald's?

Glad things are going well for you Chad. It was good to see you at the end of VBS. Looks like Em is adjusting to life with siblings well. She and Jalen were fussing at each other just like my two! Take care!


violet said...

Chad as I drove down passed the river looking over towards Indiana, today Fri. the 6th ( We were at Ft. Knox). I wondered how all of you were doing.Then I thought Man, I cant look across to Indiana, I have to keep an eye on Stanleys driving...But I did wave as went passed Louisville...Did u see me? :) miss u....