Thursday, July 12, 2007

Building Lessons

As Jennifer and I wade through the building process I want to learn from those who have gone before us. If you have built your own home, what are some mistakes you made or regrets you have? What would you do differently if you could do it again? Maybe we can learn from you.

I need to hear from some of my silent readers:)


Anonymous said...

you can never have enough closet or cabinet space!!

aunt Sandi said...

BIG Master exceptions, to fit the needs of BOTH, husband and wife. (We forget until after it is already done,)there are 2 different sexes using that 1 bathroom, no matter how big it will be.


Whirlpool/Jacuzzi tub

a large walk in shower that will accommodate more than 2. (in case you have a dog to give emergency shower to)

a urinal. Another must have, besides the fact you are blessed with an uncle who is a plumber!

MUD ROOM with cubicles for each child and adult.

When we lived in KY, we had an attic fan, and I loved it.

where are the children going to play when weather does not permit them to be outside to release their pent-up energy

Coat closet?

Chad Doerr said...

Thanks guys! Aunt Sandi, Jennifer said amen on the Jacuzzi tub!

Anonymous said...

Let the kids put their handprints in the wet cement as you build your sidewalk or porch and date it.

Build a big walk in closet with shelves for clear Rubbermaid storage boxes to hold Legos, Barbies, videos, games, etc.

sandi said...

Jennifer/Chad, I forgot to mention a cement slab poured for your outdoor jacuzzi tub that will be right outside your deck off your master suite. They also come with locks to make them children proof.

Plumbing for Outdoor shower - for emergencies.

Plumbing for Outdoor sink. hot/cold running water.

You will need electrician for special wiring, as well as outdoor wiring for your outdoor kitchen/grilling area.


In your master-suite bath, I forgot to mention, STEAM SHOWER!!!! They are not really that expensive, especially if we have a bake sale/garage sale/ebay sale. We had one in Indiana, and now thank you hurricane Charley, we have one here.

granite counter tops are fading and thankfully, they are so expensive.

Looked like I was suggesting kids play in the coat closet!!!! ha.The kids and grandkids played hide-n-seek grandma's.

If I could have I would have had electrical outlets installed on the floors, specifically for lamps and no cords to trip over.

Outdoor spicket/faucets on all 4 sides of the house.

Kelly said...


We just went through this process. There is much we can share. While others have mentioned great items to include in your house, I would suggest you do your shopping. We saved over $4K on our kitchen alone. You can never check out too many retail stores and local owners. If you want some specifics on where to go and who to use, let us know.

I would add one more item - a garage. We never had one until now and it helps store items as well as create an area the children can play indoors.


Keith said...

Pray, Pray, Pray and Pray for your marriage.

As it was probably the biggest strain ever put on our marriage.

On the dog/mud room, I saw a sink system in a mudroom that was mounted on the floor for that purpose. Washing the dog, and cleaning kids off. It was pretty cool and a good idea.

If you are having an upstairs a 2nd air conditioning/heating unit for just the upstairs might be a good consideration. With the Cape Code design we have, we had to buy window units and extra heaters for the upstairs as when it is hot/cold upstairs it is too hot/too cold downstairs with the one unit.

I STRONGLY agree with the attic fan. Parents have one and they use it to cool the house down when we have to use the air conditioning. Should have put one in and I am trying to figure out how to add one now.

I agree with the comments on the closets and storage space.

Run phone/cable jacks to every conceivable room. It is very easy to do during construction and you don't have to put them in every room but it is there later if you decide to. Besides you wouldn't want to miss an important call from Lonnie if you happen to be "indisposed."

Lynn said...

Mickey and I designed our favorite part.... big open spaces with windows front and back!!! Mickey's least favorite part....washing the windows!!!!

Anonymous said...

seperate closets for each. no complaining about his shoes or her purses in the floor if you have your own. a must in a master suite, if not in 5 years one will have taken over the whole thing and the other one has clothes in the hall closet or an extra room

Anonymous said...

DO NOT hire family or friends...It will not be wise. Just trust me on this one Chad. And make a nice Kitchen for the new bride for you both will be busy in the new kitchen and you will not be in each others way... God bless

Anonymous said...


Just remember our story of home building............ remember that we went with Taylor Building.

If you need more information......
call us.

Put your washer and dryer upstairs not in a basement. :)

Electrical outlets outside ! Great for Christmas lights!!!!

Build a walk in food pantry!!!!
That is a great thing to have!

Praying for you! (You will need it while building a house)

Glenda Northcutt

Anonymous said...

Make sure your house is a blessing not a burden. Don't overspend and have a big mortgage, big utility bills and lots and lots of stuff and not be able to enjoy life.

Evan said...

Air Conditioning.

Keith said...

I thought for sure Evan would say a UK room.

Evan said...

...and a UK room :).

Sheila said...

What about a prayer room? Just a nice quiet space with comfortable furniture and maybe extra soft floors for kneeling. Maybe you could paint your favorite scripures on the wall, have unique lighting. A kind of re-connection place or a conintuing connection place. I suppose a hectic schedule, a soon to be teenager and an upcoming middle schooler would be my inspiration for such a room. Oh, and a lock from the inside! :o)
Glad for you both, can't wait to see the pictures of the finished home.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the land you are possibly planning to purchase in Harrison Co. Have you determined what kind of septic system you will need? Have they already done perk tests, etc., to determine what kind of soil, and therefore what kind of drainage system, etc?? The cost of some septic systems is outrageous (if you are required to have something other than the usual) due to soil makeup, etc. Just a thought before you purchase, since this can add thousands of un-budgeted costs (out of your pocket)if the sellers of the land have not done their homework on what is required for a septic system to function according to county building/sanitation codes on the land they are selling as a future home building-site. Good luck and God Bless your family.

Kim Kane said...

Kim Kane says make sure Jennifer gets what ever she wants in the layout/design this will reduce the ammount of arguments!!!

Trish Smith said...

Hi Chad,
My name is Trish Smith I work with Theresa Goodman at Republic Capital. Theresa told me that you are going to be building a home in Indiana. Theresa thought I should contact you, my husband is a general contractor, if you would be interested in his services, his cell number is 812-907-0240 and our home is 812-744-2368. We live in a home he built in Moores Hill IN, if you would like to see a sample of his work. Have fun with your project God Bless your venture...

violet said...

A Big UK Room. :)