Thursday, July 12, 2007

Check This Out

On my lunch today, I read a John Ortberg article that was pretty good. In it he described the game he and his college friends played in the cafeteria. This is what he says:

"As we sat down to eat, we would all surreptitiously put our thumbs up, and whoever was the last one at the table to get his thumb up had to offer the prayer over the food.

Now think about that! God is watching this the whole time. But we're sticking our thumbs up, and the loser has to pray. Then we bow our head and say, 'Dear God, thanks for this food and we love you so much.'

God is present the whole time, but we were acting as if he's not paying attention until we bow our heads and close our eyes: then he picks up the phone and we're connected. But we act as if the thumb stuff escapes his notice.

We live differently when we're aware of his presence. How many of us drive differently when we see a squad car than we do when we think the police aren't around?"

Some good stuff to think about. And by the way, I've played the thumb game and I was pretty stinkin' quick! Rarely did I lose:)

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