Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Than Chips & Salsa

I went to a Mexican restaurant with one of my ministry leaders today for lunch and one of the weirdest things happened. In the middle of our conversation this guy walks up to our table and says, "Excuse me guys, I could help but overhear your conversation and I heard you mention 'ministry'. I have no idea what you were talking about but I prayed before I came in here that I would be a light and I just want to pray with you guys if that's okay."

He eventually took a seat at our table, prayed for us, and we talked ministry for 5 or ten minutes. It was one of those meetings that was kinda weird but kinda cool at the same time. More than anything it inspired me to be more open and cognisant to the fact that God wants to use me. I know it was a little awkward for this fellow minister to walk up to us, not knowing how we would respond, but he did it anyway.

Thanks JR for being the light of Jesus today!

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