Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Unwanted Publicity

The craziest thing happened yesterday. About lunch time, a search crew stopped by the church and asked us if we had seen a baby girl that had gone missing in our neighborhood. The fire department, police and community members teamed together to search of this child.

About 1:30pm we recieved news that she had been found. Praise God! What I did not know until later that evening is that the 15 month old child was found in our church's abandoned parsonage. We are in the process of selling it, so it was vacant, but members of the search team found her upon looking through the front window.

Watch the news footage that played in Louisville last night by clicking here.


Amy said...

Wow, that is bizarre! Praise God she was found!

Rebecca Jo said...

My supervisor at work is the one who told me about it first. WOW! At least she was found safe & sound! Being right on Hwy 150 - the ending could have been horrible. PTL all worked out well!

Violet said...

Who in their right mind would leave a child with someone with Alzheimers to begin with...They cant take care of themselves ..Let alone someone else!