Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Podcast Junkie

Jennifer and I have been really busy trying to get our Louisville house ready to show so I haven't had much time to blog but I thought I might share some of the podcasts I've been tracking. I've really been maximizing my 80+ minute daily commute.

For pure enjoyment:
The Dave Ramsey Show
The Edge - a weekly podcast about bass fishing
Notre Dame Athletics - I can catch coach Weis' weekly press conferences

Because I'm a sermon junkie:
Mars Hill Church - Mark Driscoll
LifeChurch.tv - Craig Groeschel
Richland Hills Church of Christ - Rick Atchley
The Village Church - Matthew Chandler
Elevation Church - Steven Furtick (a recent find)

All of these can be found by doing a search at the iTunes store. Tomorrow I may list some of the blogs I'm tracking as well. I love this technological age!


Daniel said...

I love Driscoll's sermons (Mars Hill Seattle's podcasts) as well as Southland Christian Church in Lexington. Also Pardon the Interruption and, of course, the Christian Church of Jasper podcast. ;-)

Go Big Blue Keith said...

How are those Irish doing. hee hee hee. :)