Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Round 2

I can't believe I've forgotten to say anything about our new Wednesday night program. It starts tonight and I'm so excited about it! As I've grown up in church I've been confident that more times then not, God does some pretty awesome things in our hearts when His people gather on a Sunday morning - we're challenge, we're convicted, we're moved and yet the tendency is to watch that fire fizzle by Monday or Tuesday.

Our new Wednesday night program - named Round 2 - is designed to keep the focus and build upon what God did Sunday. We want to create an environment conducive to application. Our plan - and I have to admit that I've never done this before, nor have I seen any other church do it - is to use the Sunday morning as a spring board. I'll teach (and at times we'll have some guest teachers) on the same topic or idea on Wednesday that we discussed on Sunday and then towards the end of the evening we'll break up into small groups (2-8 people) and be led through some discussion questions.

Our goal: life change! That's what it's about...isn't it?!


Kelly C said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on an invigorating kick-off to Round 2! Everything about last night -- music, audio/video summary of Sunday's key points, your lesson, and the small group discussions -- was exceptionally inspiring. Blessed indeed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness... and you saw a church last night which is excited about that pursuit. Looking forward to our next Wednesday already, Tony

Sandi said...

Hey there Chad, looks to me like you are blessed with another home church "family". How Great is our God!

Rebecca Jo said...

Thank you for posting the Wednesday night service on itunes so quickly! I was thrilled to go on there Thursday & listen & stay in touch with the whole message.