Tuesday, October 23, 2007


In Paul's second letter to his friend and understudy, Timothy, he compiles a list of characteristics that will be present in the terrible last days. Read the list. It's at the beginning of chapter 3 and it's pretty interesting what appears.

But at the end of the list, Paul says that these people will have a form of godliness (an appearance of godliness) but will deny it's power.

For years I've thought that verse has peeked my curiosity. What did Paul mean by this statement? It's frightening to think that there are some, if not many, who have subscribed to something that appears to be Christianity but have denied the power that is available to change their lives.

I believe that the call of Christianity has always been about transformation and change through the power that is readily available through God. Jesus didn't call us into a relationship with him so we could remain the same person we were when we met him. He called us to change us.

If I read Paul right, he seems to be cracking on people who appear to be religous. They go to church. They call themselves Christians and yet they're just as sinful today as they ever were. Therefore, by their actions they are denying (though not verbal, still the same) the power of God to change their lives.

Tap into the power!

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