Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Today is my mom's birthday. When I asked Jalen how old he thought mamaw would be today, his first guess was 100:) Emrie followed up with, "No, she'll be 102!" Hillarious.

And though I wouldn't dare blog about her real age, I will blog about how much she means to me. After all, it's her birthday. God couldn't have provided a better mom for me and my sister. I love her more than she'll ever know and I'll forever be thankful for the decision she and dad made that would allow her to stay at home and raise my sister and I. Our house was the place to be. I enjoyed being at home but not only that, my friends enjoyed spending time at my house as well. I think a lot of that was the atmosphere that my mom created.

One of the things I'll always remember about my childhood was when my friends and I would be playing in the backyard (it was usually either wiffleball, football or basketball) and out of the house would come my mom, carrying a tray full of snacks and a cup of cool-aid for each of us. How sweet is that! My mom has always been a servant who loves to give herself to those she loves.

Mom, we love you! Happy Birthday.


Kelly Carmichael said...

Happy Birthday!!

Garbage Man said...


Cool hair bow you're sporting in that picture! 8-)

Seriously, happy birthday to your mom, enjoy your blog as a longtime lurker.

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Brenda!!

Sandi said...

Happy 102nd Birthday to you Brenda! Our big family loved her from the very day we met her.

Love and hugs to you Brenda! Sandi

Chad's Grateful Mom said...

Since Jalen and Emrie think I am >100, let me clear that up first....no way, only half that plus 1 or 2, maybe 7.

Each day is such a blessing to me that I try not to let the wrinkles, sags, aches & pains get me down. When you have stood beside the hospital bed of someone you deeply love and literally watch them draw their last breath, you realize how each day should not be wasted as it is a gift. So even though I wanted to stop counting birthdays after the 50 mark, I can't as I am like I said...Blessed! I mean how many adult sons would post a picture and say such sweet things about his mom all the while wearing a big white bow!!

Chad Doerr said...

For the record...the bow is not attached to my head:)

Rebecca Jo said...

Sorry buddy, but it does look like you have a big bow on your head! I'd be looking into Photo Shop or something :-)

Hope your mom had a great birthday! Cool moms are the best!

Keith Smith said...

Well, I thought she was not a day over 36.

Happy Bday Brenda. Come out and visit with us sometime

Jen said...

Happy Birthday,Brenda! What are you, 33??

And Chad, nice hairbow!

Joe said...

Nice hairbow Chad, it goes along real well with the picture of you wearing lipstick when you had to kiss the pig at VBS. 8-)

Happy Birthday Brenda!

Can't wait to meet you sometime.

Jeremy Kane said...

Wow first it was lipstick now this guy is wearing a hair bow man how did this guy slip past the search commity?? oh well we love him anyway just hope we dont see him behind the pulpit in a dress anytime soon!!!