Friday, November 30, 2007

Always Learning

I wanted to share two things I'm implementing in an effort to become a better leader. First of all, my friend Christy set me up with an excel spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets) that helps to track and manage the plethora of projects I lead and oversee at any given time. With this spreadsheet I'm able to name the project, the ministry it relates to, the point leader I'm dealing with and the most important thing is that I can update it regularly as a reminder of where that project is at all times. For far too long I used to keep it in my head and I was finding that my memory wasn't as reliable as it needed to be. This simple piece of paper brings a since of peace. Thanks Christy!

The second idea that I'm implementing is one that sounds simple but I'm certain it will save me valuable time. My plan is that instead of responding to email as they come throughout the day, I will check it at appointed times throughout the day: first thing in the morning, again at lunch and then once before I leave the office. This will be hard but I think it will make me far more efficient.


Keith said...

And they said you can't teach an old dog new tricks. :)

Mara said...

You reckon that your memory is lapsing do to all the activity that I KNOW comes along with four kids?!?!?

Kim said...

The email thing will DEFINITELY help you out. Take it from my experience. I average around 100-150 emails per day. Seriously, no exagerating. I must sift through them determing the level of importance, whom to answer first, etc. It is hard to do, but this process comes highly recommended from time management pros. And, look at it this way, if it is that important, they'll call you :-)