Wednesday, December 05, 2007


We switched realtors a few days ago and have our first showing on the Louisville house today at 2:15pm. Please pray that if the timing is right, God would sell our last house.

We should be closing on our Falmouth house in the next week or so. You can continue to pray that it goes through without a snag. So far, so good.


Sandi said...

congratulations Chad. Hope all goes well, and I pray for continued healing for yet another closure in this wonderful chapter of your life, and where your beginning with Emrie started. Love and prayers, Aunt Sandi

Anonymous said...

If your house in Louisville sells in December it REALLY WILL BE A GOD -THING!! Nobody sells a house in December! But then Chad, I know for you, every thing you do and or decide is a God thing. I admire that you consult with Him on the big & the smallest of details . That is why you have forged ahead with life when some would have fallen in to a pit after loosing your first wife to cancer and being left a single dad. God will use you in big ways I feel to counsel others who are in that "pit of life" and without Jesus won't know how to get out.

Keith said...

If that first realtor came through on the sale of the Falmouth house, remind him of that commission to the person who linked you two up.

I won't mention any names.

ME!!!!!!!!!!!! :)