Saturday, December 08, 2007

One Down

Well, we closed on our Falmouth house last night. What a relief!

As I reflect on the events of the evening I have to say that I felt such a piece about the whole thing. This had been a matter of prayer for some time. In fact, a couple times I remember praying specifically that my home would sell to a family that would consider it a blessing. Last night as we sat across the table from the new owner I knew God had answered my prayers. It's a young couple with two beautiful children and I have a feeling this is their first home. I could see the excitement in their eyes.

Going into the closing I didn't know what emotions I would deal with. After all, Amy and I bought that house together and though we didn't live their long, we had created some wonderful memories. But I have to say that the overwhelming emotion of the evening was gratitude. As I see it, God provided that home during a season of our lives in which we needed to be close to family. He is an awesome God!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! I do get goose bumps. Thanks for sharing. aunt Sandi