Wednesday, December 12, 2007


As a preacher and leader I have this battle that wages within my heart. As a servant of Christ I want to be humble and give God all the glory and yet this sick part of me wants people to think I'm great and pat me on the back and tell me, "Good job!" It's ugly, I hate it and it's called pride. All that being said, I'm confident that God is working me over. Every day He is teaching me what it means to decrease so He can increase. Read this poem that came my way today. It spoke to me. And if you know me, you know that for me to share a poem it has to be good:)


Every day of my life, pride and I fight a war
God supplies me a little, but I grab for more
Tempted by popularity, glory, and gold
I place myself in the spotlight, and shove God out the door

But the strongest desire of my heart is to die
And no longer preach one thing and then live a lie
I must humbly submit my will daily to Christ
Turn the spotlight away and make this my heart's cry

When I pass through may my name be forgot
May the words I have spoke be as though I have not
I will plan every step so in all that I do
Jesus, none will see me,
But see through me to you

-Darin McWatters


Christy said...

Again, I say Amen! This is so hard especially when He's given us so many talents to be great with. Less of me - more of Him...

Chad's mom said...

Attn Blog Readers: Chad's dislike for poetry has always frustrated me. Afterall, I continue to remind him & his sister, they were born in Greenfield, Indiana, home of James Whitcomb Riley, a well known poet. However, when I remind Chad of that, he says "Who is that??" So much for poetry! (the poem was a good one though Chad, one we can all relate to at times)