Friday, January 04, 2008

Guest Central

Another quality (and humurous) film by our creative team. These guys keep getting better with every film.


Jen said...

That is awesome, guys!
The "voice over" lady cracks me serious!

Paul S. said...

I agree that it is an awesome video.

The voice-over is a professional commercial actress. But more importantly, she is one of the friendliest persons you could ever meet. Her husband and children are equally charming.

There is a great mixture of talent at Greenville. I am happy to be a member there, only sad that I have not been there in over a year. (Not by choice.) I hope that my work will allow me to see all the great people that I miss there.

Just Jonna said...

This was awesome! Can we steal the idea for our church??? (The video, I mean)