Tuesday, January 15, 2008

To Be Like John

I was reading about John the Baptist today in my quiet time and had a couple of thoughts:

Luke 3:2 says that the word of God came to John in the desert. What was he doing in the desert? Was he run out of town because he didn't fit in elsewhere? Or could it be that he had intentionally secluded himself for a time for the purpose of hearing from God? I'm not sure, but I have seen the value of pulling away from the busyness of our world and finding some alone time with God. Where is your desert?

Luke 3:19-20 says that John rebuked Herod because he was messing around with his brother's wife. I love it that John had the boldness to speak the truth to all people and it mattered not your social status. He was not intimidated by Herod's power or money. He told him straight up that what he was doing was wrong, even if this meant getting thrown in prison. Even if this meant losing his head. I want that kind of boldness!

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Anonymous said...

Matthew 11:2-3
When John heard in prison what Christ was doing, he sent his disciples to ask, "Are you the one who was to come... or should we expect someone else?"

This question has always intrigued me. I view John as a ferociously confident preacher who never wavered... never feared... and, never doubted who Jesus is. Is this question the plea of one who knows his death is nearing, and needs to be assured that his lifelong commitments and ministry were not in vain? If so, it is a poignant moment in the Gospel. I hope the disciples did a good job in relaying Jesus's response so that John's faith and joy were enormous in his darkest hour. Tony