Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Supernatural Story

I told you last week that I had a story and video I would share on Sunday. Well, for those that weren't present for our Easter service and haven't yet listened to the podcast I wanted to share them both. The first is a story that was shared with me on Wednesday night after Round 2. Here's how I told it on Sunday.

Last Sunday during our 9:00am worship service, Tina Knight came forward during our invitation time to ask prayer for her brother and his family. Tina has been has been coming for about a month now and she was burdened for her brother. He’s a crack addict and it’s killing him and it’s killing his family. She wanted us to pray for him. So we did. We were on our knees together, right here, and I can't remember exactly what I prayed for, but I do remember asking God that wherever Joseph (her brother) was that morning, that God would touch him, that God would break him, even as we were praying. Little did we know, maybe at the very time we were praying for him, Tina’s brother Joey, a crack addict, found his way to church in New Albany. I have no idea what he expected to encounter that day, but he was about to meet a supernatural God because in the middle of the pastor’s message, the pastor stopped and he said, someone is here this morning that’s a crack addict and is planning to commit suicide. It was Joseph, who we were praying for, possibly at that moment, he was the crack addict and unbeknownst to anyone else, he was planning to kill himself. But God met him that Sunday. When he heard the pastor say that, Joey shot out of his seat and ran to the front of the church to meet the pastor.

That’s our supernatural God! He is not dead, He is alive! He always has been and He always will be, supernatural.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the Good Friday and Easter Sunday messages!

Anonymous said...

WOW Chad, no wonder you were so excited to share. These are truly miracles you have witnessed and been a part of. Yes, HE IS ALIVE!! Congratulations to Tina that she felt the spirit lead her to prayer at the altar with you Chad........this is very much a warm and fuzzy, powerful way the Lord our Savior made his Love known, and WHEN!! All I keep saying is, wow, wow, Sandi

Rebecca Jo said...

Look how many people God worked through that day for this one person! That everyone was so humble & open to His speaking - you're right - its a SuperNatural God we serve!