Friday, March 21, 2008


The madness has begun. I love the NCAA basketball tournament like no other sporting event on earth! Indiana plays tonight and gets a fresh start at a national title run. More on that later.

Last night I was watching the last few minutes of the #2 Duke and #15 Belmont game. Though I had personal interest in the game, as one of the kids from Pendleton County High School plays for the the Bruins, I would have been pulling for them regardless. Belmont lost a heart breaker in the final seconds and Keaton was on the floor in the closing seconds. They were in position to win and really threw it away.

But why is it that we have a tendency to pull for the underdog? I would venture to believe that if you weren't a Duke fan (or possible an ACC fan) you were most likely pulling for the #15 seed to knock off the powerhouse Dukies. Why is that? I don't know, but there is something in us all that likes to see David slay Goliath. I guess because so many of us feel like the underdog in so many areas of our lives and it gives us hope to know that the underdog doesn't always lose.

Every year the tournament is full of upsets - some more memorable than others - and I'm sure this year won't be any different. We love upsets, except if its the #9 Arkansas Razorbacks beating my number #8 Hoosiers. Those are fightin' words!

Side Note: I was excited to see that IU plays in the 9:45pm time slot tonight as I knew that wouldn't interfere with our Good Friday service. That was until I realized that Louisville plays during that same time. Guess what game CBS will be showing!!!!!!! I need your help. If you live in Indiana or even in Louisville and know the game will be played on your network please let me know. I want to watch this game and I'm coming to your house!


Joe said...

Chad you will be able to watch the game on channel 58. If you don't have that on your cable station you could come and watch the game with us if you like. 58 is on the local stations and they picked up the game so that the Hoosier fans could still watch the game!

Bobby Knight said...

You can come to my house. I promise I won't shoot you.

Rebecca Jo said...

I'd invite you to come watch at our house - but I'm not allowed to watch any basketball games. Apparently I jinx any team Ricky likes. He's usually holed up in a corner watching on a small TV that I can't see with earphone so I can't even hear! - if that sounds like fun to you, you could join him!

Anonymous said...

I can identify with with always pulling for the underdog. Seeing someone in need and not able to do anything about their situation always pulls on my heart strings.

Anonymous said...

Being a hoosier fan, you should know a lot about pulling for the underdog :)

Kelly C