Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday Turned Great

Excluding Indiana getting beat down in their first round game of the NCAA tournament, yesterday was a great Friday. I finished my Easter message about 6pm and as it came together I felt myself wanting to jump out of my skin. I am so excited to share this message and I have a story and video to share that I can't wait to post on the blog, but I will wait until after Easter so as not to spoil it. I have been anticipating this weekend and this message for several weeks and I'm believing that God is going to do far more than we could ask or imagine!

Then we had a 7pm Good Friday service and the Spirit of God made Himself known. God anointed the message, people responded, the worship was powerful, there were three baptisms and what God did in the hearts of people that night, we may never know this side of eternity. But the evening concluded when, April, with her hair still wet from her baptism, shared a poem she had written. It was so incredibly powerful! To hear what God has done in this junior high girl's life. I can't even begin to do it justice so I will post it in it's entirety the days to follow.

Please pray for our three services tomorrow (8am, 9:30am & 11am). I'm certain God is going to do something supernatural. See you tomorrow!

Prayer request: My mom is now in Haiti and I would love it if we could cover her in prayer. This is her first mission trip and she will be able to use her passion for medicine. Please pray that God will keep her migraine free as she is prone to have headaches that are debilitating.


Lynn said...

Great Good Friday service... awesome movement of the Spirit!!! Can't wait to see what happens Easter!

paul maurice martin said...

For me, there is a depth to Good Friday that I think is sometimes missed in the rush to Easter.

Rebecca Jo said...

I am still in awe of the movement of growth in April & am so excited to see where God takes her - as all the other kids who have heeded to the call of the Spirit!

We're praying for you as you deliver the message on Easter! I'm excited about what God can & will do!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful and powerful message on Fridays'Service.It is sooo great to see how on fire our youth have become in the short time you have been here.They are listening and believing like NEVER before Praise God! Cudos to all the youth ministers.May God continue to bless our church family.