Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I've been dying to blog about our recent trip to Vicotry World Church in Atlanta and just haven't been able to carve out time. Here are a few thoughts from our visit:
  • This church is serious about prayer and has several service times just for corporate prayer. We decided to join them for the 8am Saturday morning prayer hour. Wow! We were blown away when over a hundred people showed up to cry out to God. It was powerful!
  • Victory has nearly 100 different nations worshipping together! They figure heaven won't be segregated, why should they be. Me and my caucasion wife were definetely the minority but we loved it!
  • John Bevere rocked! He was the reason we visted. He's my wife's favorite author and Atlanta was the closest he was going to be in 2008 so we went for it. It was worth it. We got the chance to meet him in person on Saturday night.
  • We learned a new song during worship. It's called Pure and I think it's put out by Gateway Worship. I don't have a link but I did pick it up off iTunes and share it with Barry:)
  • Overall, Victory is one of the finest churches I've ever visited. And that's saying a lot since one of my favorite past times is to visit churches.
  • Thanks to Kim Kane and the girls at Personal Travel for hooking us up with a sweet room at the Hyatt Place. Can you say free wi-fi and a 42" HDTV? That's what I'm talking about!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chad! I'm the Director of Marketing & Creative Design at Victory and I just stumbled upon your blog through my Google Alerts. I'm so blessed by your comments and thrilled that you and your wife enjoyed your visit here. And, I agree, John Bevere does rock!!!

Many blessings,
Pam Parish