Monday, July 14, 2008

Dealing With Disappointment

God was so good yesterday. I had been chomping at the bit to preach all week. Not only do I miss it after a week of vacation, but my time with the Lord in study last week was great. As I read over the familiar story of Joseph's plight, God gave me fresh bread to share with my people. I love when he does that! That makes me excited to get up and share.

Well anyway, as I stand up to do a welcome for second service, who do I see sitting in the second row but the Barrett family. I've known them since I was nine years old. We had gone to church together while I was growing up in Cincinnati. They were passing through on vacation and knew I pastored a church in Southern Indiana and hunted me down. What a surprise!

But for a moment, I have to let you in to a preachers brain. There are times that my mind is on two tracks. I'm preaching but at the same time I'm having a conversation with myself or a variety of thoughts are coming at me. (Does this make me weird?) But as I poured my heart out about dealing with disappointment I couldn't get Bob & Karen Barrett's story out of my head. You see, several years ago their daughter was murdered by her own husband, leaving them to raise her son who is now in junior high. I mean, talk about disappointment, I can't fathom the pain and disappointment they have dealt with and probably still do. And yet they ooze the joy of the Lord. They serve the Lord at their church in Northern Kentucky and are partnering with God to raise their grandson to know Jesus. As I preached my heart out yesterday I was reminded that yes, life is hard, but our God is great! It's people like the Barretts - modern day Josephs - that show me that with God you can mount up on eagles wings and soar above your disappointments.

I love you Bob & Karen! I thank God for the Jesus I see in you!

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