Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty rough day. The enemy was attacking hot and heavy. By the time I got home from my final meeting it was closing in on 11pm and my family was in bed. But my wife had left me the following surprise. God is good and it's little things like this that put a bad day in perspective.

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Badger said...

Your post today illustrated a dilemma I have today. Your wife's gesture was very beautiful and loving, but I wonder what you did with it? Obviously you ate the cake, that's what it's there for. But what did you do with the plate? I mean, assuming you ate the cake on the plate it was then dirty and smeared with frosting. The logical thing would be to throw it away; it's just a disposable plate after all. But, it's got your wife's loving sentiment on it: "I love you." Could you throw that away?

I wrestle with this when my wife writes a love note on the mirror... is it ok to wipe it off when I've read it so that I can shave? Do I save every post-it note that says "I love you, have a good day."? What about text messages?

I think I would have kept the plate, or thrown it away deep down in the bag so she wouldn't see her love note covered in frosting in the trash.

What did you do?