Monday, October 27, 2008

Leadership Lessons From Saul - part 3

I had originally planned on sharing about three leadership lessons from the life of Saul but the more I read the more principles that surface. I want to share another one today and who knows, I may add to this series as God continues to reveal things to me.

Here's the lesson: God often chooses scared, insecure people to lead. 

It's the big day. All Israel has gathered to hear Samuel's important announcement. They had been asking for a king; they wanted to be like all the other nations and God was finally granting their request. Who would it be? At this point, Saul already knows he's the chosen one. Samuel, the prophet of God, had already anointed him in a powerful and private ceremony. But Saul's a nervous wreck. He can't imagine taking on a task like leading the nation of Israel. And when the nation is called to assemble, and Saul's tribe and clan are chosen, he's nowhere to be found. In fact, he's hiding among the baggage!  

I'll never forget. When Antioch (my first ministry) asked me to consider becoming their youth minister I thought, "Who me?" I had never taken the first ministry course in college, I had never had an internship, and I really hated to be in front of people. I couldn't be a minister! I can honestly say that in that moment, if there was baggage near by I would have buried myself.  

Two years later (now a veteran youth pastor - he, he) when the search team for the same church asked me to consider becoming their preacher, I turned them down the first two times. It was one thing to be the youth minister and lead children's church, but to preach in big church. Are you kidding me?!  If there would have been baggage nearby I would have buried myself. That whole concept scared me to death!

I see it in scripture, I've seen it in others, and I've experienced it in my own life but time and time again I see God calling scared, insecure people to partner with him to lead His people. 

So I guess if there's a lesson in there, it would be this: if God is calling you to lead and you're looking for a place to hide, don't be too concerned because you're in great company - Moses, Gideon, and Saul felt the same way. All chosen by God but all trembling at what stared them in the face. 

Stay humble and continue to embrace the reality that apart from God you are nothing. He has a way of using the weak to lead the strong.  

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