Monday, October 27, 2008

Prayer Specifics

Many have asked how they can pray for us we transition into this new chapter of our lives.  Here are a few specifics:
  • That God would bless me with a great job to provide for my family during this transition.
  • That we can rent out our home in Louisville in order to stay in Greenville.
  • That God would free up a rental home in the Greenville area - four bedroom.
  • Peace and understanding for our children as in many ways, this change is harder on them.
  • Clarity from God in regards to my ministry future. I know I've been called to pastor but when, where, how...I'm wanting to follow His lead.


Rebecca Jo said...

We will definitely pray for these specifics for you buddy!!!

Amy said...

I have been keeping you all as part of my prayers, and I will continue to do so with your specific requests.