Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Childlike Faith

My girls blessed me this week and showed me that they're getting it. 

Last night the kids got a Valentines package in the mail from Mamaw Doerr and in their cards was five dollars each. Of course they begin strategizing about how they're going to spend every last penny. Well, Emrie decided to give the entire five dollars to "charity". I guess her teacher had told her about a particular charity that helped sick children. So she constructed a card, doctored it up with stickers and then paper clipped a five dollar bill (and one penny) to the card and took it to school. It melted my heart!

Then tonight Kayla blessed me. She casually made mention to her mom and I that she had given five dollars to Jesus on Sunday and low and behold on Tuesday got the five dollars in the mail from Mamaw:) She didn't say this to brag. I knew she had recognized God's blessing upon her giving. It's evident to me that Kayla gets the law of the harvest. When we sow into the kingdom it always produces a harvest. It melted my heart!

I'm just thankful that my children seem to be getting piece at a time:) If only more of us adults had child like faith when it came to our finances.

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gretchenhs said...

That post just makes my heart sing. What good girls you have. =)